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From time history, china has undergone several war events withcountries such as Japan and India resulting in losses or wins. Thispaper seeks to explore one of the modern war events between India andchina in the year 1962. From the government perspective, the war wasstarted by the Indians who aimlessly fired on the Chinese soldiersand moved into their territory to build their place of residence.Before this happened, the Indians had built a house for Dalai Lama, aperson considered criminal and who had several records of illegalacts. China viewed this as an offensive act and interference to thecountry’s activities and decided to fight back. This was the reasonfor the fight together with some other border issues.

By the end of China’s civil war and immediately after theIndians independence, the two countries had a lot to share in common.Unfortunately, what followed was a serious cold war attack imposed bythe Indians. This hostility exists even today though people in Indiasay this was as a result of Japanese imposed problems. The twocountries were both great nations with a long lasting history. In themid-20th century, they both rebuild their relationship aftercolonization by the European in 19th century. However, they stillcould not agree on how far their territories went and this raiseddisputes from time to time. Two borders existed for china and India,that is, The Aksai Chin in Kashmir on the western front of Johnstonline and the Arunachal Pradesh in North East India on Easter Front ofMcMahon line.

The Aksai Chin territory had nothing to do with the Indians, andit was not occupied or of importance to them. For china, theterritory was a connection to the two important province Xinjiangand Tibet. The begging of this war starts from the Johnston line ofmid-1800. There is no evidence that the Xinjiang territory connectsto India proven by the McDonald line that puts this territory inChina. However, it was still not possible for the Maharaja of Kashmirto give up the region, and therefore Nehru put it on their map. TheChinese thus decided to fight for their region but the Nehru tried todefend the line knowing that China was not only one of their greatestenemies but was also in enmity with the US and USSR. However, thedefense was not possible. China fought back mercilessly sending backa record to the world which India cannot forget. They made sure theterritory was returned and belonged to them again.

The contrary happened on the Eastern front. The two countrieswere claiming the Arunachal Pradesh territory belonged to them. Therewas more favoritism on India’s side based on culture andgeographical data. They (Indians) termed Himalayas as the naturalboundary which they could defend. Here, they did not lose much whenthey fought with china as they had strong air force which coulddefeat the Chinese.

The war and enmity continue today as the Chinese claims theIndian state of Arunachal Pradesh while the Indians claim the ChineseAksai Chin Territory. These disputes trigger no good relationshipbetween the two countries despite decades of negotiations and theprime minister of India diplomatic visit to China to reunite thenations. Efforts to resolve this issue have fallen on a deaf ear andhave even caused more resentment in recent years. Factors such asBeijing refusal to give visa’s to the Indian soldiers, Indiansvisits to the disputing territory and Chinese official claim toArunachal Pradesh as Tibet have raised new lines of dispute and hasresulted in increased accusation and tensions between the twocountries.