Assignment 10



Whatis Organizational learning and what levels does it occur

Organizationallearning refers to the process of retaining and sharing informationand knowledge in an organization. In order for any organization togrow, it has to better the way it does things in order to becompetitive. With this in mind, organizational learning is one of themethods utilized by organizations to enhance an organization’sefficiency and expertise in the industry. Organizational learning canoccur in four different levels. These levels include: group,individual, organizational and inter-organizational. At theindividual level, individuals learn new skills and their productivityincreases as they get more experience at work. At the group level,information and knowledge is shared by individuals in the group.

Individualmembers in the group learn by sharing their knowledge and getting afeedback on how to better their work. Organizational learning occurswhen organizations relate their learning to their culture in theworking environment. Organizational learning helps employees to beefficient by adapting to the changes in the environment. Finally,inter-organizational learning occurs when the different organizationscome together and learning from each other’s experiences. By doingthis, organizations are able to cut costs associated with learningfrom their own mistakes and helps organizations learn better ways ofdoing thing in a short period of time.

HowManagers can use information technology and Knowledge Management toimprove learning

Managerscan use information technology and knowledge management process inthe way organizations learning things in the following ways. First,the utilization of technology helps organizations come up with realtime information on business process. For instance, some companiessuch as Dell computers have a personalized system that enables thecompany learn new information and changes about their customer’shabits. This function has helped Dell computers stand out intechnology sector as the company is able to evaluate what theconsumers want and make relevant changes in the organization toeffect changes that will make their customers satisfied. Knowledgemanagement is also used by organization to help business create andretain knowledge in the organization. Knowledge management achievesthree things. First, people need to understand how to create learningorganizations in the workplace. Second, people need to know why theyare learning new things and lastly the learning that takes place inthe organization has to be useful (Frost,2010).

Poordecision making and cognitive biases

Cognitivebiases are one of the byproducts of poor decision making. Cognitivebias refers to mistakes people make when processing information andmaking decisions. Some of the cognitive biases that can lead to poordecision making include: conformity and the curse of knowledge.Conformity is the tendacy of people making the same decision based onwhat the predecessor’s choices. This is a common cognitive bias inthe work place as it was illustrated by Solomon Asch in hisexperiment. The curse of knowledge prevents people who are learnedfrom seeing things from a layman’s perspective. Sometimes knowingtoo much might prove to be a huddle in the organization. This isbecause sometimes employees focus so much on the technical aspect ofissues and forget the simple things that make the most impact.

Techniquesto overcome cognitive biases

Organizationmanagers have the responsibility of making sure that employees in theorganizations learn. Some of the techniques that the managers ororganizations can use to enhance learning and eliminate cognitivebias might include the following. The organization should encouragetheir workers to speak their mind without fear of repercussion. Thisshould be highly encouraged in the organization because sometimessome of the brightest ideas and learning experience emerge fromhaving open debates and discussions. In addition, organizations canhave a suggestion box where employees can vent out their concernsanonymously. The organization should encourage employees to givetheir opinion by rewarding employees who initiate and participate incompany organized events. In addition, employees are asked to keep itsimple because it is the small details in life that matter at the endof the day.

Thisassignment has shed light on the importance of organizationallearning and how organizations can encourage their workers toparticipate in company’s affairs. The assignment also talkedmentioned various ways an organization can eliminate cognitive biaswhich deters learning processes at work. Organizational learning goesa long in organization as it not only determines how the employeeaccess information and knowledge in the company but also determinesthe success or failure of an organization. One cannot underestimatethe effects of organizational learning since employees contributevaluable suggestion in the running of the organization. Organizationsneed to encourage feedback from their employee in regard to whatprocess can be improved since this illustrate that the company valuestheir worker contribution not just at work but also other things thatrelate to their working environment. Employees are a valuable assetto the company and they can perform their best when they feel thattheir organization is working on their well-being and that theiropinions matter to the organization.


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