Assessment questionnaire and summary


Questionnaires for the position of a case worker

  1. What education background do you have that will help you accomplish the tasks associated with this job?

I have a degree in psychology and counseling and currently planningto pursue a master degree in the same field.

  1. How do you plan to handle the numerous ethical issue associated with counseling?

I will handle the ethical issues through strictly abiding by thestandard operating procedures laid down.

  1. Family counseling practice is a constantly changing field, how are you prepared to adapt to the changes?

I will continue with my education which will keep me update.Additionally, my day to day work will provide me with enormousexperience on the developments in the field.

  1. In line with the previous question, do you have any plan to enhance your education?

Yes I do. Am planning to undertake a master’s degree in psychologyand counseling.

  1. Do you have any previous experience in family counseling as a caseworker?

(Tick where appropriate)



  1. How are you prepared to always ensure that the client information you record is accurate and complete?

I will be keen as my recording and will not postpone recording ofclient information

  1. The information you will receive from the client might be secretive and very sensitive, how are you prepared to handle such information?

I do understand fully the kind of a job that am getting into and wellprepared psychologically to listen to the information that the clientmight have.

  1. How well are you prepared not to judge the clients or give directions on how they make their final decisions?

I will listen to the clients, give them the necessary advice andleave them to make the necessary decisions on their own.

  1. In a situation where one of the spouses who is your client confides in you that he intends to harm the wife, what would you do? Would take the duty to warn or to protect the victim or would you take both?

In such a situation, there are ethical issues concerned regardingconfidentiality of information. However, I have the responsibility toinform the victim verbally of the pending harm. Additionally, I haveto warn the client of the impact of his pending actions. I will alsoinform the relevant authorities such as the police of the impendingact of violence.

  1. How are you planning to maintain confidentiality with the information given to you by the clients?

I do understand some of the information I will receive from theclients will be highly confidential and that I have theresponsibility to keep such information private.

The applicant for this position is a well qualified person who hasanswered the questionnaire in a way that portrays him as the bestsuited person for the position of a caseworker in the family therapypractice. The applicant has the relevant academic background. He hasa degree in psychology and counseling. This is essential training forthe position he is seeking (Knapp, 2012). It is evident that theeducation background will enable him to handle the various cases thathe will confront. It is also evident from the answers of thequestionnaires that the applicant is well versed with confidentialityissue related to this practice. It is evident that the practice offamily counseling is an extremely sensitive practice and thecaseworker must able to hold information availed to him secretly(Blass, 2012).

Additionally, the applicant has revealed through the answers to thequestionnaires that he knows well what he is getting into. It isevident that the job of family counseling involves dealing with verysensitive issues (Knapp, 2012). Research has indicated that theclients may reveal secrets or very sensitive information to thecaseworker. The applicant manifested a clear understanding of what heis getting into. He seems ready to deal with the challenges whichcome with the position. With regard to the ethical issues involved,the applicant seemed to have a clear understanding of the ethicalissues in counseling and the standard operating procedures.

Lastly, the applicant has manifested the ability not to judge theclients or make them decide in a certain way. Through the answers heprovided to the questionnaires given, it is evident that he will notjudge the clients or provide direction as how they should react tocertain situations. The applicant has also portrayed the intention tocontinue with his education and acquire a master degree in psychologyand counseling. This is a positive element as this will help theapplicant to be updated with regard to any developments in thecounseling practice.


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