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The main idea in this paper is the experience and the perceptionparents of children with disabilities have regarding the inclusion oftheir children in the education system as this will change theexpectations of such children concerning their future. Therefore,teachers should put efforts in encouraging parents’ involvement sothat they get information that can assist their needy children(Swick, K. J. &amp Laura, 2005).

Concerning inclusion of children with special needs in educationcurriculum, I strongly agree that this is going to change theirexpectation. Parents involvement in the decision making processconcerning placement of their special need children in the learningsystem has positive impact to their children as they can figure outkey areas of weaknesses or achievements of such children (Swick, K.J. &amp Laura, 2005).

We expect that once special need children are included in classroomactivities like other normal children, their behaviours is likely tochange as they can master what others do. From the various studiesconducted through interviews, home visits and survey, parents’expectations of their children prays a key role (Swick, K. J. &ampLaura, 2005). Different parents react positively towards inclusionbecause there is an added advantage and benefit that their childrenget in the school through exposure to groups and agencies that carefor children with special needs. Therefore I can say that inclusionof children with special needs in education program is important asit will enable the parents reach the experience and expectations theyhave for them.

It is an ideal truth that for children to reach their fullpotential, they should be introduced to education to gain moreknowledge through interaction with others and should not be limitedprivileges (Swick, K. J. &amp Laura, 2005). It is also importantthat parents are actively involved in the decision making processregarding their children placement in learning environment as well asmade aware of child’s progress. Finally it is important to connectourselves with achievers rather than failures as this will improveour perception of what is termed as favourable education environmentto take children with special needs.


Swick, K. J. &amp Laura (2005). Hooks’ Parental Experiences andBeliefs Regarding Inclusive Placements of their Special NeedsChildren. Early Childhood Education Journal, Vol. 32, No. 6, June2005.