Area Of Study Business, Management And Economics

AreaOf Study:&nbsp Business, Management And Economics


Iam a student at empire state college pursuing a concentration inmanagement, which falls under the business management end economic(BME) area of study. (AOS) ESC has guidelines for its AOS andconcentration to helps direct students in academic and endeavors, sothat when they graduate, they will have acquired academic knowledgerequired by employers in this field.

Areaof Study

Studentsin BME AOS are expected to have knowledge in the following areasoperation management, accounting for governmental and not-for-profitorganization, project management, organizational behavior, legalenvironment of business, micro-economics, business ethics, corporatefinance, supply chain management in the global context, US historyfrom 1865 to the present, human biology and stories and creativeleadership

Iwill learn about operation management to get knowledge on theplanning and coordination of business processes, system and resourcesimportant for products and services. Through this concentration, I amable to know operations strategies, concepts and techniques, whichare important in a competitive marketplace.

Throughthe accounting for governmental and not-for-profit organization, I amable to be accountable to the citizens’ credits and oversightbodies. Through this concentration, I can understand theorganizations accounting and financing, reporting practices and howthey differ from for-profit organizations.

Learningthe project management gives me the opportunity to understand theessential for making goals, managing projects, align organizationaltasks, champion teams and assess the return on investment.

Theorganizational behavior has provided me with an opportunity toincrease my awareness of behavioral issues faced in an organizationalsetting.

Theconcentration in the legal environment of business has equipped mewith a solid grounding in skills and concepts in areas such as realestate management, security regulation, and employment law andbusiness structure.

Thestudy of micro-economics have imparted my with knowledge on how toexamine decisions and behavior affecting the supply and demand forgoods and services determining prices and how prices determine thequantity supply and demand of goods and services.

Forme to confront business challenges head-on and treat all stakeholderswith respect and integrity, I have learnt about the business ethics.

Corporatefinance has enabled me to acquire skills in areas such as riskmanagement, debt and equity issues, merger acquisitions, taxation andvaluation.

Theconcentration in supply chain management in global context isimperative since it has enabled me to be able to integrate coremarketing functions, operation management and computer informationsystem, enabling me to explore the relationship creating the valuesfor stakeholders across organizations and nations.

Theconcentration in human biology is an important in maintaining goodhuman health and the environment. Through this I am able tounderstand human health and disease, pathophysiology and humananatomy and physiology to maintain the health of all workers in theorganization for constant operations and timely achievement of thefirm’s goals.


Accordingto the Student Degree Planning Guide Business Management,concentrations prepare&nbspstudents in academic areas that help themto understand business organizations with their operations andprepare them to manage effectively in a business environment.&nbspIfeel that the disciplines covered in this concentration can provide asolid base in order to function in a small business environment.&nbspAtKaplan College, students pursuing the concentration in Businessadministration should have knowledge in the followingareas:&nbspmanagerial accounting, human resource management,accounting, marketing, information and office management, essentialsof management, essential to information, academic strategies forbusiness professionals, macroecomics, psychology and associatecapstone management course.

Ihave done managerial accounting which assist to identify, measure,analyze, interpret and communicate information to pursue goals of anorganization.

Inorder to maximize on the efforts and productivity of human resourcesI took a course in human resource management. This has helped meacquire skills of enabling an organization remain competitive inthese business changing environments

Tocover the concepts of macro and microeconomic aspects in order to getthe context of the business, I did a introduction to business primarycourse. Through this course, I have explored the historic andeconomic information, which aids the decision making today which laysa foundation for future decision-making.

Thecourse in accounting has provided me with knowledge on areas such asconsulting, general management and public accounting analysis offirms.

Thecourse in marketing has enabled me to get the knowledge and skills tounderstand modern marketing in areas such as consumer goods andservices, consulting and technology. I am able to be a good stewardto consumers to maintain a good brand of an organization. This isdone by maintaining good relations.

Forme to be equipped with skills to be administrative professional,through learning about the legal and professional trainings, I havetaken a course in information and office management.

Theessential of management course has imparted me with awareness skillsas a leader to assess and develop feedback for identification ofopportunities for improving leadership abilities to successfullymanage the performances of a given firm.

Theprimary roles of management of an organization are planning,organizing and leading (Brigham&amp Houston, 2004).I have learnt this through undertaking an introduction to management.This cover also covers staffing and problems prevention.

Inorder to get information and technological information to beimplemented to make a business profitable, I have done a course inessentials of information. I have learned the databases and computerprogramming to be applied in areas such as organizational,technological and financial management of profit and non-profitsectors.

Theacademic strategies for business professional studies have providedme with basic skills in communication skills of an organization,writing, time management, critical thinking, and conflict resolutionand disaster management.

Ihave a wide knowledge on the principles of economics through thestudy on the microecomics. Microeconomics have enabled me toappreciate national and global factors which affect companies demandscost pattern, and identify factors beyond the control.

Othercourses include the study of psychology, math, and collegecomposition I and II for business majors. Through psychology, I amable to understand the behavior of employees in relation to theirmental health. For college compositions I and II, courses I learnedhow to express my ideas in writing in an organized fashion


Brigham,E., &amp Houston, J. (2004). Fundamentalsof financial management(10th ed.). Mason, Ohio: Thomson/South-Western.