Aptitude Information


Somebodywho does not possess the skills for a certain position, usuallyresults in getting replaced. Then the company requires filling thatposition again, and cost of turnovers and lost opportunities can bevital. To make better decisions when hiring and avoiding high ratesof job turnovers, companies usually use skill testing (Barrett,2011).

Thereare numerous aptitude tests for different kinds of skills. Inchoosing a test, it is important first to consider what one islooking for. Does one need to test for intelligence, specificprofessional aptitude, or general, vocational aptitude? Once one hasdetermined what she or he needs, he or she is required to carry outan investigation of the available options (Cohen, Swerdlik &ampSturman, 2013).

Whenemploying aptitude tests, it is vital not to forget that bothaptitude and interest are important conditions for a victoriousperformance, but none is enough on its own. If one has a highaptitude for a particular profession does not warrant success. Anindividual should have an interest in something to get motivated incarrying it out well (Cohen, Swerdlik &amp Sturman, 2013).

Accordingto Barrett (2011), aptitude tests assist in revealing the strengths,natural talents and weaknesses that one has. The process ofevaluating individuals is a complex one, and it entails severalfactors. Companies use aptitude tests frequently to enhance theirrecruitment and processes of growth. When one test the aptitude ofpeople, one looks beyond what they have carried out in the past, andshould evaluate what they are capable of achieving in the future.


Oneshould first known what he or she needs to achieve with the processof testing, and then go ahead and find the best test (Carter, 2011).By carrying out a little research, choosing tests carefully, andjoining them together with other evaluation methods, one can enhancetheir process of promoting and hiring, thus, increasing the chancesof matching right individuals with the right jobs.


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