Analysis of UNV-104 21st Century Skills UNV-104


Running head: 21ST CENTURY SKILLS

Analysisof UNV-104 21st Century Skills


Analysisof UNV-104 21st Century Skills

UNV-10421st Century Skills is one of the basic information literacy coursesat Grand Canyon University. This course provides introduction toinformation and communication literacy. Students in this classexamine various resources and available research methods, which helpthem to understand ways of using library and Internet resources. Someof the topics studied in the course include library and technologyliteracy, communication, literacy strategies, and prewritingstrategies.

Oneof the key things that I have learnt is how to brainstorm and use theconcept mapping feature properly. This I believe will be very helpfulnot only in other courses but even in real world situations.Understanding different types of information, their sources,authority, validity, and credibility is another important lesson thatI have learned in this class.

Variouswriting and library skills introduced in the class are also veryimportant in helping me to communicate and write and communicateethically. In addition, these lessons have helped me to be able towrite more grammatically correct articles while at the same timeassisting me in reducing or removing accidental plagiarism throughproper citation and referencing.

Asa student the lessons on organizing strategies proved to be ratherchallenging. This is because in my previous assignments, I used tomix up information. Regardless of the fact that learning how toorganize my work proved challenging, I am quite confident that thelessons will help me to improve my grades because my work will fromnow on have the required flow. This will make grading of my papersmuch easier thus increasing my scores. In addition, I believe thatthis will assist me in evaluating and analyzing the quality of thesources that I will be using while writing my academic papers.


Inthis lesson I have obtained the necessary skills that I hope will bea strong basis for me to improve my communication skills.


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