Analysis of Data from Excel-Marketing Attributes

Analysisof Data from Excel-Marketing Attributes

Analysisof Data from Excel-Marketing Attributes

Thispaper seeks to give statistical analysis of various objectivespresented in excel file used in a study. Interpretation of theresults given in means (averages) will be given for each objective inline with their research questions. The objectives include cognitionmeasure, importantattributes, strengths and weaknesses, and affect measure.


Whenasked about the number of cups of coffee that they drank last week,those who never drank were 8, 1 to 3 cups were drank by 21 persons, 4to 6 cups were drank by 20 and 6 or more cups were 22 individuals.This shows that more people take coffee often. When asked how manytimes they purchased coffee last week the results were 8, 25, 20, 18for the groups never, 1 to 3, 4 to 6 and 6 or more respectively.Therefore, those who drank 6 cups and more appear to have less numberof times that they purchased coffee and this would mean that therewas promotion or they prepared some cups of coffee at home. Whenasked the number of times they had purchased coffee from Starbuck theresults were 25, 24, 10, and 12 for the groups never, 1 to 3, 4 to 6and 6 or more respectively. In Tim Horton’s, the result were 24,31, 9, 7 for the four groups respectively.


Theattribute that they held most important was friendly service with menbeing more positive about it than females giving it a rating of 5 and4 respectively. The least concern of consumers was the comfortablesetting though females thought it quite important than men. Theothers that they felt equally important were quick service and greattaste of coffee.

BrandStrengths and Weaknesses

Theconsumers were asked to match various attributes to their respectiveCoffee shops, Starbucks and Tim Horton’s Coffee shops. Starbuckscored highly in all attributes except for pace of service and pricewhich they scored averagely. Interestingly, Tim Horton’s have extrawork as the consumers were negative about most of their services. Theconsumers had a perception that Tim Horton’s coffee shops did nothave a good and comfortable setting hence making it not a good placeto work and study.

AffectMeasures Table

Theconsumers were asked to indicate their overall liking of the twocoffee shops. It appears that the degree of liking for Starbucks ishigh for both genders with males seeing Starbucks as their favoritecompared to the females. However, more females liked Tim Horton’scoffee shops than males.