Against Legalizing Abortion

AgainstLegalizing Abortion

Thearticle, Abortionand the Unraveling of American Society,from the website PriestsFor Life byDaniel W. Kucera talks about the negatives of abortion. The articleadvocates for antiabortion law by giving reasons on the same. Itconfirms that a pregnant mother is carrying an innocent human beingthat deserves the rights to life. From the perspective of thisarticle, abortion is an inhumane act that should not be considered atall. Despite the main claims that abortion should be pursued, thearticle confirms that this is a wrong choice. Many scholars are ofthe view that the unborn child is not human however, this is nottrue. Abortion leads to death of an innocent human being (Kucera II).

Thosein support of abortion argue that abortion is a mother’s privatematter. However, this is not true because it involves another humanbeing who is yet to be born. Abortion is an evil act that benefitsonly the mother. Doing evil expecting good to come from is totallyunacceptable. It is simply immoral to achieve at the expense ofanother human being (Kucera III B). Pro abortion stipulates that itis good for the child and the mother not to bring unwanted child inthe world. However, this argument in invalidated based on the factthat we should care both for the unborn and the born child. It shouldnot be forgotten that the unborn child is also a human being that isinnocent and defenseless.

Theideal that it is not possible to legislate morality is debatable.Indirectly, the law advocates for morality in various ways, forinstance, punishing a person for taking the life of another person.The same case should apply to the unborn child, since abortion issynonymous to killing an innocent child ( Kucera III C).it isunreasonable and unrealistic to compromise life the lesser goods forthe sake of political order. This should not be seen as a politicalorder, but a matter of an innocent and defenseless child. From thepoint of sympathy, it is true that we cannot be in the shoes of womanand thus we should allow them to practice abortion. However, itshould be noted that abortion is an emotional procedure and itspursuance may alter self consciousness (Kucera III D).

Americanslike to think of themselves as individualists. However, it should benoted that there is a thin line between being self centered andindividualist (Kucera IV B). Social responsibility has slowlydegraded thanks to these western views. The attitudes towards lifehave slowly changed among people who have lost the respect for life.The pro choice views clearly shows that they have no regard to life.They have convinced themselves that unborn child is not a humanbeing thus, they have no problem aborting. Clearly, people havefound an easy avenue to escape their responsibilities. Kuceraadvocates for moral education that will lead to pro life decisions.This education should empathize on values that promote desirablesocial attitudes. The morality in the current society has degradedprompting the need to focus on more education on societal values.

Thestruggle for anti abortion is far from over. There is great need forpro life advocates to come out strongly and teach people about valuesand morality. The church should be greatly involved in these mattersto change the current society of hypocrisy, self centeredness, andconsumerism. It is time to rekindle these values under which thesociety can flourish (Kucera VI).


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