Advocacy Plan for Healthier Eating Habits among Children

AdvocacyPlan for Healthier Eating Habits among Children


Advocacyplan for healthier eating habits among children


Thisresearch project aims at creating awareness amongst parents onhealthy eating, through creating campaigns that highlights the healthrisks associated with fast foods that are promoting obesity amongmany children in America.


Theproposal will try to highlight what measures parents can take toensure their children are eating healthy foods to promote betterhealth amongst their children.


Enlightenparents on the correct measures to take to regulate what theirchildren are taking especially from their tender age, to cultivatethe culture of taking healthy eating to promote the culture even intheir teenage and adulthood.Thetarget audience

Thisproposal will target mainly parents with young children mostly belowthe college level. This is because the parent have much control overthe actions of their children within this age as well as this is themost affected age group in as far as unhealthy eating habits areconcernedMediumand mode of creating awareness on the issue

Tohighlight this issue adequately, the project will mainly use theinternet. Radio and televisions will also be used since most of theadvertisement of food stuffs that doesn’t promote healthy eatingare done and circulated there, articles in magazines and thenewspapers as well as brochures.

Justificationof the project issues

Dueto the current commitments at most parents’ work place, mostchildren are turning to the fast food outlet for alternative. Thishas been sighted as one of the major causes of obesity in childrenand adolescents. This project will be of great significanceespecially in ensuring healthy eating habits among children in orderto avoid all the negative impacts related with unhealthy eatinghabits.