Admission Essay




Thereason I want to enter the doctorate program is that in my duties ina pediatric home care agency, I direct those who provide directhealth care to patients. The leadership position I hold is enormousin scope therefore I require more skills to be able to provide betterleadership than I currently offer. The working environment of sendinga nurse in the field alone with the support resources being availablein the central office needs a spot on decision especially in a newcase. The dynamic of the changing society provides a challenge thatthe program latest research including research skills that I willacquire will enable me to be abreast with the latest information ofproviding home health care to the patient at his/her domain. Theacquired skills will enable me to evaluate the home care deliveryapproaches of the nurses under my charge including revamping the onjob training.

Thedelivery of the agency services is anchored on meeting the needs ofthe populations grounded on outcomes and scientific findings. Theformation of work policy and clinical practice is a bit of achallenge, however the translation from research to the policy willbe smooth because of the degree program despite my experience in thisfield. My communication skills between me and the patientsencompassing the nurses and me need a bit of fine-tuning. In the workenvironment, I do train new staff in orientation also establishednurses in mandatory education. Therefore, my communication skillsneed to be precise and concise. The field work mostly depends on whatis required being present and how best the field nurse is preparedfor the situation. The patient safety depends on this, socommunication skill needs upgrading. This will come in handy as I domy supervisory visits to gauge the quality level of health careprovided to the patient.

Theother many roles I do in the pediatric home care agency like managingthe finances I see is part of the course curriculum. The background Ihave of a career in nursing since 1979 prepared me to be a fieldnurse, however currently my inadequacy is exposed because of mymanaging role. The business side of my position in the agency needsto improve with the principles of business, economics, finances andhealth policy so that the development and implementation of plans toimprove the quality of health care delivery. The handling ofsituational variables needs expanded skills because of theever-changing composition of the ethnic demography. The sensitivityof the Hispanics is very different from the African-Americans andmany more. There are emerging ethical dilemmas that management ismostly awkward. Consequently, the skills I look forward to acquiringwill come in handy in these kinds of ethical management difficulties.

Myarea of interest is the critical care nurse education because of theethical dilemmas prevalent today. The knowledge I acquire will bepassed on to the field nurse, therefore the patient choice is nottrampled on. There are patients who are critically ill thatself-expression is not present, a situation that causes trauma totheir respective families. Therefore, this kind of ethical dilemma ispresent and needs urgent addressing. The complexity of the fieldrequires sophisticated assessment, high-intensity interventions andtherapies also non-stop nursing vigilance therefore in such workenvironment as the decision maker this is my central researchquestion so that a complete health care provision is given.