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To:All Employees

March 25, 2013

Maintenance of top notch customer care service and accountability

Themanner in which we handle customers is a significant factor onwhether the company will maintain them or not. It is thereforeimportant that all customers are treated with a lot of care and duediligence when handling them. However, the recent misunderstandingbetween the company and a Mr. Al Friedman proves that our standardswhen handling customers are getting lower. The relationship betweenthe company and Mr. Al Friedman has been strained because of the wayhe was handled by some of our members.

Inthis regard, all the communication and correspondence with the clientwill have to be documented and kept up to date. This should be doneon all types of communication, whether verbal or nonverbal. Aftersuch documentation, appropriate confirmation for company files anddrafts should be done before they are sent to clients. In addition,all correspondence with the clients should also be signed bysupervisors before being sent. In addition, there should be a clearfollow up on the correspondence with clients so as to maintaincontact at all times. Clients should be contacted through email twoto three days before any engagements are done.

Inthis regard, I invite all the members of staff to forward suggestionsfor improving our customer care service. In addition, providesuggestions on how the company can improve contractual communicationand correspondence with prospective and existing clients. I hope thatthe additional guideline will prevent the occurrence of the undesiredcustomer experience. Attached is a copy of a note that employees canfill and forward to the suggestion box for easy collection of yoursuggestions. Thank you.


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