A Review and Critique of Instructional Goals and Related Objectives

AReview and Critique of Instructional Goals and Related Objectives


AReview and Critique of Instructional Goals and Related Objectives

Thefirst goal in the initial post is limited in several ways. It doesnot highlight the exact issue it seeks to achieve. A typical goal ismore often than not set to attain something particular. It generallyrefers to a measurable and observable desired end result anindividual or organization envisions attaining (Page-Voth&amp Graham, 1999).Therefore, it is not clear on what to be attained. Additionally, theauthor does not explain how the goal would be accomplished making itvague. I would therefore recommend that the goal be redesigned tohighlight what is to be attained as well as the procedures ofachieving it.

Thefirst objective is also vague. For instance, it fails to explain whatthe power-point would entail. Page-Voth&amp Graham, (1999) argued that awritten objective enables a person communicate clearly what he or sheintends to pass across. In addition, the objective is not statedcorrectly. The writer ought to explicitly define what he or sheintends to include on the slides as well as the size of the slide.For example, the objective would read “the learners should create10 minute presentation on the report process”.

Thesecond object does not stipulate how the time would be used. Itlacks a sense of direction and precision. It should explain thereason and how time would have to be used and specific areas thatwarrant special dedication of time. The final objective fails toexplain how the learner would interact with his or her colleague.Lack of choice of a particular direction makes efforts to moverandomly in a haphazard manner (Page-Voth&amp Graham, 1999).Also, it does not say how the learner would benefit from theinteractions.

Inthe second section, I agree with the classmate’s critique on thegoal. First, it should be restated to feature the particular taskswhich would help the learner attain it. In addition, I agree with theclassmate on the account that the goal is poorly stated. As alludedon, including a description of how the goal is to achieved besidesincorporating the essence of time would make the goal more precise.However, I disagree with the classmate on one stance. I find thewriter’s suggestion to acknowledge the style of an individual moreor less vague. This is because this is a general goal which has toconcentrate on the general achievement of all the learners.

Withregard to the first objective, I do agree with the classmate’srealization that the objective is not written correctly. It isdifficult the person to create the slide since the teacher or thelearner or even a friend or family to the learner would create theslides. Also, stating the size of the slide is important since itdefines the scope of the tasks to be displayed.

Ialso agree with the classmate’s critique on the second objective.The objective does to specify the particular time period within whichthe objective ought to be accomplished. Furthermore, I also agree onthe fact that using time wisely is subjective because people differin behavioral aspects. Finally, I also second on the critique on thethird objective. The process of the learner’s interaction withothers is stately vague. The objective would have at least definedhow the learner would have to interact with others.


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