A Night with the Drug Cartels

ANight with the Drug Cartels

Itwas a busy day at school and I had just completed my day on a highnote. I had just completed my English exam on time and I just wishedto go home. I was exhausted and I could not even go to my normalbasketball practice despite being a Friday night. I said my goodbyesto my friends boarded our bus and off I went ready to just get somegood rest after a long week at school. My bus dropped me off at myhouse and I walked inside. To my surprise everybody was at home. Ilooked at myself and I thought that for a moment I was dreaming. Myfather and mother were never home. My mother was in the kitchenpreparing the meal while my father was busy catching up with what wasnew in the news. “Hi! Dad?” I exclaimed as I walked up thestaircase. My father usually nods or just waves but this evening heshouted “Hi! Luis” as he sat at his favorite rocking car by thewindow. I went and changed and then walked down the kitchen to joinmy mother. My mother is my best friend and knows everything about mywhereabouts. We engaged in a short conversation where she asked meabout how I missing my basketball practice. But I was quick to remindher that I had an exam and was tired and then I finally teased thatshe was getting old too fast. She growled and then later on smiledbut promised that she will get me. I was very hungry and I got somesnacks and headed to my bedroom. I was pretty exhausted and I decidedto lay down on my bed for a moment.

Iwas suddenly awakened by a loud bang on the door. A man wearing aface mask and an orange jump suit made his way inside our house. Wewere all seated at the dining table sharing our delicious meal thatmother had just prepared as we chatted the day away. The man was ofaverage height and was hiding his face. On his hand, he was holdingan AK-47 one of the most dangerous rifles on the face of the earth.The man was accompanied by two of his colleagues who both had gunsand also had facemasks. “Get down on the floor! Hands behind youheads” the man now in charged yelled. It was obvious that the manhad a Spanish heritage as his heavy accent gave it away. He thenproceeded to where my father was and asked him whether he had a gunand father replied no. All over sudden, my father was knocked out thehead butt of the man’s AK-47 and he passed out. My mother startedscreaming but she quickly quieted down by the other two intruders.They quickly ransacked the house, took all the valuable items that wehad and then to my surprise grabbed me by the head and instructed mebe quiet or else I would lose my life. I had no choice but to obligewith their directive. I was lead to a yellow bus, almost a similar toour school bus. I was blindfolded and chained to the bus. A fewmoments, the men jumped and off we drove.

Itwas all quiet at the bus. Nobody could dare utter a word as we hadbeen warned about the repercussions of doing anything contrary towhat our kidnappers wanted. It was not easy make out how long wetravelled in the bus as the blindfolds and the constant thought oflosing my life occupied my mind. After a few hours of driving, wereached our destination. It was off a dirt road and we were had beenoff the tarmac road for quite a while. They stopped the bus and thestarted unchaining as we were walked to an abandoned warehouse. Theroom was pitch dark and it felt like looking for a black cat in adark room. In a split second, the kidnappers turned the lights on andfor a moment it felt like the sun had just descended on us. They tookoff our masks and introduced themselves. “We are your worstnightmare!” One of the kidnappers exclaimed. From a distant I feltthat I recognized the voice and I quickly came to the conclusion thathe was the same man who intruded our house a few hours before. Theman did not hesitate and went to define their mission, “From nowon, you are our slaves, you work for us.” With just a flicker of aneyelid, I realized that we had been kidnapped by one of the mostdangerous drug cartels in Mexico. The cartels usually walk up inpeople’s home and ask for their sons to join their group failure towhich the gang members kill the family members. I counted myself luckto be alive but at the same time a cold sweat run down my spine as Icontemplated about my not unfortunate predicament. I felt that Ilucky to be alive but then I also felt that my luck could only runfor a short while. From a distance, I noticed Miguel, one of mycolleagues at school. Miguel was in pretty bad shape and he seemed tohave been more scared than the rest of us. Miguel was profuselysweating and his eyes were dilated. I have never seen Miguel lookthis bad and I thought to myself that only a few of us would survivethis ordeal as Miguel’s shock seemed to have taken a toll on him.

Myreflex prompted me to go and check on how Miguel was doing. It was inthat moment that I was knocked down by the butt of a gun and I soonstarted bleeding. “Do you want to die?” The man with the M-3exclaimed as I tried to regain my conscious and collect myself fromthe ground. In the spur of the moment, I got up tried to snatch thegun out of the man’s hand. The man was of average height and wasmedium built and for some reason I felt that I could take him down.We got in a scuffle but unfortunately the gun went off. I touched mylower abdomen and I realized that I had been shot. I startedexperiencing some shortness of breath as I grasped for my last breathof air. All over sudden I fell on the ground and tried to grasp someair after chocking from my spit. My father walked into the room onhearing the commotion and asked me “What is going on Luis?” Itwas only ten o’clock at night as the clock in room ticked. It wasthen that I realized that I had just a bad dream and I breathed asigh of relief.