A Critical Review of Approaches towards Customer Service and Care, And the Achievement of Customer Value and Satisfaction of Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel


ACritical Review of Approaches towards Customer Service and Care, Andthe Achievement of Customer Value and Satisfaction of Hong KongPeninsula Hotel

HongKong Peninsula hotel is situated in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, HongKong, and is marked as one of the milestone property of the PeninsulaHotels group. Started in 1928 and later expanded in 1994, the hotelhas an integration of both colonial and modern elements. The hotelhotel is commonly unique due to the fleet of Rolls-Royce that arepainted “Peninsula green” (Hall, 1994, p.13)

ChosenBusiness and Rationale

Thebusiness under study in this paper is the hotel business. The hotelbusiness is known to be defined by a number of parameters. One suchis customer service which entails the customer value and satisfaction(Parasuraman, Berry and Zeithaml, 1991, p.39). In any business setup, customer is an integral party and is pivotal for business’progress. Proper customer service is key in the hospitality industryand hotel in particular because the customers are the business(Parasuraman, Berry and Zeithaml, 1991, p.45).

Customerin the hotel industry is the most important visitor subsequentlygiving them excellent care is paramount owing to the rare opportunitythat they provide when they are served. Recently, there are manyhotels that have been set up and the competition in the sector hasgone a notch higher. The differences in quality of services in thesector are a defining point for any firm (Sureshchandar, Rajendran,and Anantharaman, 2002, p.368). Every hotel is fighting to have thebest image and create a brand for itself. Owing to the strategicposition of the customer in this business as well as the competitivenature and level of sensitivity of service quality it is with nodoubt that this is a topic worth exploration.

Suitabilityand Justification

Thetopic under study is suitable given the central role played by thecustomer. There are a number of customer related issues that aresignificant for this business to progress. Customer retention iscritical for the success of the business as customers are retainedwhen quality services are offered to them. Therefore, the hotel hasto invest in retaining its customers by providing services that meetneeds and expectations of the customer who in the end is consideredas the final arbiter of quality.

ProposedMethodology – Method and Approach

Thestudy process is to be cyclical in nature because the conclusionscreate new problems and ideas that are further explored. Themethodology employed here entails problem definition, researchdesign, sampling, data collection and data analysis (Kumar andPhrommathed, 2005, p.45). The research methodology in this study isboth exploratory and descriptive. Exploratory studies are carried outgiven that initially there is limited amount of information regardingcustomer satisfaction. This therefore calls for extensive reading ofliterature in the study area. This ensures that the research problemand information needed are well defined. Descriptive studies areemployed in asking the customers about the services that are offeredand their perception on the same.


Thestructure includes an introduction that gives a brief background onthe topic under inquiry. Next will be the main body which willentail:

  1. Customer Satisfaction- covers the value judgment of the customers on the service offered (Kandampully and Suhartanto, 2000, p.346)

  2. Customer Satisfaction Models which will include the micro and macro models such as norms models, affective models, and perceived disconfirmation model.

  3. Benefits of measuring customer satisfaction which covers the merits to the hotels as well as the customers

  4. Customer satisfaction and service quality- creates a relationship between them and their effects (Sureshchandar, Rajendran, and Anantharaman, 2002, p.371)

Inconclusion, the report is to be detailed and review critically theapproaches towards customer service and care. The paper will seekalso the achievement of customer value and satisfaction with the HongKong Peninsula Hotel as the case study.


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