A Candle in the Wind


ACandle in the Wind


An obituary is a notice of death mainly placed in a newspaper(Sumner, 1994). It usually includes a brief life history of thedeceased person. It also contains information about the deceasedperson. All the obituaries are usually placed in a register thatrecords the details of the deaths of different people. The papershall have an example of an obituary belonging to Molly Gonner.

TheObituary of Molly Gonner

Itis with profound shock that we, the family of Mr. and Mrs. HenryJohnson announce the demise of our lovely Molly Gonner. Molly Gonnerjust like a flower was plucked by the Almighty gardener from itsearthly field, to grace the heavenly garden on Tuesday 27/3/2015.Molly’s life like a candle in the wind dimmed eternally in theearly morning hours after a long fight with leukemia, bravely borne.Molly was the world to many: the apple of our eyes, a star in thelife of her multitude of friends, a beloved mother, wife, daughter,sister, niece and cousin to many.

OurMolly’s sojourn on earth will come to a conclusive end on Saturday28/3/2015, when she will be buried at the faithful angel cemetery tobegin her pilgrim progress to her heavenly aboard. Molly’s youthfullight body will be cremated at the farewell crematorium in line withher last wishes. She was an activist for a green earth in life anddeath, a real picture of living by one’s pen. A night vigil will beheld on Saturday 27/3/2015, at the holy family Basilica, wheretwenty-five candles will be lit, to celebrate the quarter of thecentury, the Creator of the universe, permitted the beautiful Mollyto be among us to bright our lives just as a candle.

Molly,the Candle in the Wind

Molly,we will not cry for you because if we start, we shall never stop.Just like the morning dew, you refreshed us with your being. We willtreasure your memories, which we shall use in your absence. Furthermore, since it is the Lords doing, we will instead celebrateand enjoy every bit, of our remaining days, in big and small ways, asyou did while you were here with us. We know that the good Lord willhold your hand, and welcome you after a struggle bravely borne. Maythe light of the candle that you burned in our hearts, never growdim. May its light direct us to follow the path that you showed us inconserving the environment. May the light encourage each one of usthat there will always be better days after our lives here on earth.May, the burning of the candle, remind us how our lives are short.Thus, we should strive to live right while there is still time. Likea candle, brings light to darkness, you were a role model to all ofus. May you help us emulate you in word and deeds. There are candlesthat burn for a day, second or a minute, but May you are the light ofyour burn in our hearts forever.

Weknow from high above you will shower us with your love. The lovewill help us to bear the pain, to make your demise, again.

Thosewho are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and thosewho lead many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.Daniel 12:3


Inthe light of all the above, death is a natural but unexpected lifeevent. What is also certain is that death is real. People are born bychance, but dying is a must. In my view, all the people should striveto live right because you never know when death shall come knocking.


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