A Bizarre Twist of Fate

ABizarre Twist of Fate

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Thelong awaited day had come. We had finally reached our destination. Asa family, we had planned to enjoy the summer as tourists in Africa.To be specific, we were touring Kenya. Our plans were successful, andwe had landed in Kenya safely. My father had visited the countrybefore. Therefore, we did not need any tour guides. We hired aprivate car and we planned to use it for the time that we would spendin the country. We were accommodated at one of the biggest hotels inNairobi called the Laico Regency. I was very eager to start touringthe country and personally to see the esteemed game reserves andparks. I did not have the foreknowledge that the vacation would godown as one of my worst memories.

Theday dawned like any other day and we had to get ready for our firstdestination. It was the Maasai mara game reserve. Before the start ofthe journey, my father thought it wise to buy us lunch so that wecould travel on a full stomach. He took us to one of the prestigiousmalls in Nairobi known as Nakumatt west gate mall. We were sited andready to grab a bite. The food was nice, and each member of thefamily seemed to be enjoying it.

Boom!Boom! Boom! that was the sound of gunshots that filled the air. Thesound was later followed by the voices of people screaming andwailing in search of help. The sounds were coming from the groundfloor and we were on the second floor. My heart raced and paced. Myhands and legs were shaking. Looking at my father and mother, I sawfear and confusion in their eyes. It was clear that things were notright.

Acommotion started on the second floor. People were running andwailing. My mother took my hand and held it tightly. “Don’t youworry child, it will be fine.” That was all my father could say.The masked men had finally reached the second floor. There wasnowhere to run. I felt helpless. The gunmen started shootingcarelessly killing many people. Everyone was ordered to lie down onthe floor. I lied down and my mother and father did lie beside me. Iwould see the masked men telling individual men to stand up forquestioning. The men would later be shot on their foreheads. I couldalso see some women and children being released.

Finally,the hooligans approached us. It was our turn to buy our freedom. Westood before two masked men. I was afraid. My mother and I were toldto stand aside and wait for “men to talk.” I heard the goons askmy father whether he could recite the Quran. My father’s answer wasno. The masked man fished out a pistol and placed the end of thebarrel on my father’s temple. Tears started flowing down my checksas I imagined my father being shot. The man placed his hand on thetrigger, and Boom! He shot my daddy. “Daddy! Daddy!” I screamedas I struggled to run towards my father. I couldn’t reach himbecause one of the rascals held me tightly. “We do not kill womenand children” he said to my mother. “Walk out!” he ordered. Ihad not witnessed the death of ant man before, but this time I hadseen my father die in excruciating pain. I will never forget thatday. I will always miss my father.