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Theincreased use of internet in marketing has come with differentethical challenges. One of the ethical challenges that has becomeassociated with an increased use of internet in marketing entails theissue of privacy (Grewal &amp Shivani, 2012). It is required by AMACode of Ethics to use data collected from customers only forexpressed purpose, and it is important to ensure that the datacollected remains confidential (Statement of Ethics, 2013). However,customer data that has been collected by online marketing firms havenot been used with confidentiality. For instance, organizations suchas Double-Click have been indicated to record users’ click streamsin forming user profiles that have been used for marketing purposes.Although it is a right of consumers to know how the information theygive out is to be used, some marketing firms have abused this right.

Anotherethical challenge that is associated with an increased use of theinternet in marketing entails lack of respect for intellectualproperty. Any idea that is an invention of a certain individual needsto be respected. Nevertheless, an increased use of the internet hasabused the intellectual property rights. The right of ownership anduse of intellectual property has been abused since internet usershave used others people’s properties without following the rightprocedures. For instance, through piracy, most internet users havebeen capable of obtaining certain content or software (Hardy &ampKrawczyk, 2013).

Theissue of piracy or abuse of other people’s noble ideas can be seento represent the greatest challenge to ethical marketing. This isbecause piracy has led to loss of firms’ profits or individualprofits a move that has led to individuals or firms close theiroperations as they do not earn from their noble ideas.


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