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Thefirst leader selected for this assignment is Steve Jobs. My selectionof Steve Jobs is inspired by his unique leadership skills and abilityto manage a corporation through innovation. Moreover, I selectedSteve Jobs so as to give myself an opportunity to learn is endlessleadership skills. He incredibly co-founded Apple Inc, anorganization that he led to revolutionize the mobile, computer andsoftware industries. Particularly, I am interested to learn hisvisionary leadership and the skills behind the innovative products atApple Inc. I look forward tolearn the revolutionary leadership and innovative skills of SteveJobs that made him an asset to the company has ever had besides theirunique products. I seek to explore the leadership model used by SteveJobs, especially how he installed several leadership values at Applethrough an integration of different leadership styles.

Thesecond leader I will explore is RichardSaul Wurman, for the large businessorganizations. The reason for this selection is his unique way ofleading people through his educational and talks company. The paperwill explore the skills that make him an exemplary leader.

Thethird leader I will explore Oprah Winfrey for the smallorganizations. The inspiration for this selection is because of herrevolutionary model of leading people though her Television talkshow. It is challenging to understand how leadership approaches canbe conclusively described by one style of influencing people,especially in international business. Therefore, understanding theleadership of Oprah Winfrey will expose more about leadership skills.

Thesources I will use for the research are books about leadership andmanagement of large organizations. I will find journals aboutleadership very resourceful as well as articles written by leadershipexperts. The online sources will also be valuable for my research onSteve Jobs. This is because several reputable magazines have reliableinformation about him. I would evaluate these sources for credibilityand authenticity of the content, to make sure it is academic.

Thefollowing will be the sources listed in the next page


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